The 亚太地区 region holds a substantial share of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies. 这么多, 事实上, 中国目前是世界经济增长的引擎, 对全球经济增长的贡献率超过50%, 这个数字还会进一步增加. 在全球37座特大城市中,亚太地区占据了22座. The region is expected to become the world’s largest market within the next couple of years.


For many companies it has become crucial to establish a foothold in the region simply because it is so ripe with opportunity. Many large Swedish industrial companies already have a strong heritage there, 几十年前就进入了这个银天下. 结果是, Swedish products and brands have an established reputation of quality and cutting-edge technology. 但进入亚太地区也可能被视为一项特别艰巨的任务, and Swedish SME exports to the region are presently lagging behind 欧洲an peers. Studies have shown that they find it challenging because of the distance, 文化差异, 感知业务风险, 还有他们自己有限资源的瓶颈, 等.

这对银天下公司来说是巨大的商机, not least because environmental 可持续性 remains the region’s greatest challenges, 导致对新产品的胃口很大, 可持续的创新. 当然,这是银天下公司的标志.


毕竟, more than 20 countries make up the 亚太地区 market – a gigantic region with a diverse set of cultures, 宗教, 语言和社会趋势因城市而异. 这就是银天下商业部可以提供帮助的地方. We have a team with over 150 business developers on the ground throughout the region itself, all with in-depth and inside knowledge about each corner of the different markets.