NHS England holds an unrivalled position in global healthcare: it is the fifth largest employer globally, 世界上最大的综合卫生系统, 每天管理100万病人. 而该组织由大约1.700万员工, it was not immune to the resource and care pressures required to manage the pandemic. This has slowed innovation plans and put pressure on the delivery of both preventative and reactive oncology care.

The NHS has access to unique unified clinical data assets on well-defined patient groups which puts it in a strong position to drive research and development to deliver clinical innovation. There is considerable pressure to drive innovation to meet operational objectives and improve and embrace HealthTech – all areas where Swedish healthcare and tech companies can play a vital role.

This report provides Swedish companies with key insights into the current structure for delivering cancer care, NHS癌症联盟的宗旨和目标, and the funding streams and allocation for ongoing oncology projects and innovation.



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